WSDSC Current Projects

San Miguel County Dark Sky Reserve

  • Negotiate Reserve Boundary with International Dark Sky Assn.

  • Form application citizens’ group and begin application process

  • Support application citizens’ group

Interaction with Colorado Chapter of International Dark Sky Assoc.

  • Promote the idea of regional support centers for Dark Sky initiatives based on the Western Slope Dark Sky Coalition model as the Southwest Regional center. Other regions would be Northwest (west of Divide), Southeast (East of Divide), and Northeast (east of Divide)

  • Propose to Colorado Chapter to become regional Technical Assistance center funded by recent Colorado legislative action.

Delores County Interaction

  • Work with Delores County Commissioners to explore possible Delores County Dark Sky Reserve

Gunnison Gorge Dark Sky Park Interaction

  • Work with Western Slope Conservation Committee to promote Gunnison Gorge Dark Sky Park

Public Relations and Branding

  • Interact with radio and online media to make public aware of the organization and its mission

  • Create outreach events to promote Dark Sky need and how to achieve it

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